Get to grips with the basics of rock and pop drumming with this simple starter beat. Remember to follow the four steps.


Plug your headphones into a smart phone, laptop, iPad or other online device and position it so you can see it while playing the drums.



Listening and seeing a beat makes it much easier to learn. Before you start playing the beat, listen to it whilst reading the beat diagram.

Look at the beat diagram and start playing it very slowly. The video exercise speed is 100 BPM (Beats Per Minute) So you need to get up to speed before attempting the video.


When you press play on the video you will be given a count-in of 4 counts before the beat starts. The recorded drum sample will stop playing half-way through so you can try the beat on you own. If you loose your place, don't worry, just start again.


Here is another very simple starter beat. The only main obstacle is the last bass drum on beat 4.  


Rock beat3 can be a challenge compared to beats1 and 2. The main difficultly is playing the bass drum in-between Hi-Hats 1+ 2. Plus the bass drum after the last snare drum. Start by listening, understanding the beat and then attempting it very slowly. This can be frustrating so try to stay relaxed and positive.